Open Type Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Product Details

Prodect Details

Open Type Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine GS-2513

Specific Parameters

Model: GS-2513
Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply ability: As Per Requirement
Payment: Net Banking / Cheque
Port: New Delhi
Certificates: CE,SGS
Place: New Delhi
Packaging: Packed in carton



Product Features
● Adopt imported high precision ball screw transmission. High precision linear guide rail.
● Imported Japanese servo motor and driver system.Adopt imported high rigidity and high precision gearbox.
● Adopt automatic lubricating device, with dust removal and smoke extractor.
● Laser generator has the advantages of modular structure, high-performance, maintenance-free.
● Professional software, easy and convenient to operate.
● The good effect of cut edge, Appearance smooth and nice-looking.

Applicable industry
Open Type Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine is used in every kind of metal products industries, for example, sheet metal processing, cookware and bathroom appliances, advertising & signs, lighting & hardware, electrical cabinets, auto parts, machinery and equipment, household appliance, precision parts, and so on. 

Applicable Materials
Primary applicable to non-contact cutting, hollowing, and punching of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, thin aluminum, and copper etc. 

Technical Data

Model GS-2513
Laser power 300W、500W (Optional)
Working area 2500*1300mm
Overall power consumption <9KW
Transmission mode gantry driver
Working voltage 380V 50Hz(60Hz)
Dimension: 4200*2320*1620mm


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