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Product Details

Prodect Details

Single Head CO2 Laser cutting and engraving machines CMA-1290T

Product Specification


Order Quantity:  1 set
Supply ability:  As per Requirement
Payment:  Net Banking / Cheque
Port:  New Delhi
Certificates: CE,ISO,SGS,FDA
Place:  New Delhi
Packaging: Packed by plywood


Product Details

Chirag International Single head laser cutting and engraving machine series receives advanced DSP control technology. An ideal option for cutting and engraving the wide range of organic products with high speed, perfect accuracy, and best quality. The Co2 laser cutting & engraving can easily do the cutting and etching work of the same at the same time by minor changing in power setting.  Being the most trusted and leading dealer, supplier can provide you the best quality of the variable model according to your industries, Every single product will be with an alternate work territory giving you the worthful outcomes in low cost and low maintenance. As far as machine cost depends on machines quality.

Product Features
Single Head CO2 Laser cutting and engraving machines series main framework can be instructed by USB streak circle without PC Association. It has the elements of imitative cutting, shading isolating cutting, constant cutting once controls off, and so on. The various option of the Co2 laser cutting & engraving machine like working area, work table, power, laser heads etc we can easily customize as per the best requirement your for your company.

Optical Design
Adopted the imported lens and mirrors on optical system to ensure a long lifetime of laser tube efficiency.

Mechanical Design
This arrangement machine has exact mechanical development and is outfitted with strong and stable out casing. It receives rapid external guide rail, imported venturing engine and driver to enhance the precision of the mechanical transmission

Applicable Industry

Etching and cutting of paper, texture, plastic, non-woven fabric in the piece of clothing and toy industries´╝îalso comprehensive of exact slicing to non-metal materials, similar to acrylic and MDF board in a tote, glove, shape, commercials, beautification, electrical apparatus, and plastic enterprises. 

Appropriate Materials
Woodwork, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, woolens, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo and other non-metal materials.

Water protection Machines feature protects the laser tube when the water cooling system is not working.