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Product Details

Prodect Details

Fiber Laser Metal Marking/Engraving Machine

| Technical Parameters |

 Laser Power  20W/30W/50W/100W
 Laser Wavelength  1064mm
 Laser Source  IPG/ RAYCUS/ MAX / JPT 
 Q-Switch Frequency  20KHZ - 100KHZ
 Optical Quality  M2s1.4
 Marking Field  175*175mm/300*300mm
 Minimum Line Width  0.01mm
 Minimum Character  0.1mm
 Marking Speed  0-7000m/s
 Cooling Syster  Air Cooling
 Repeat Accuracy  0.01mm
 Input Power  AC 220V + 22V  50Hz/60Hz 10A
 Power Of Machine  ± 500W
 Lifetime   100.000Hours (If Properly Operated)
 Machine Size  800*650*1520mm


Fiber laser metal marking machine is the most acknowledged innovation technology among the industrial fiber laser metal engraving machines, Its flexibility, less support, and no prerequisite of consumables. Dissimilar to Co2. It utilizes optical fiber doped with uncommon earth component as a laser source and can check with considerably more force relatively. It gives the best modern answer for item distinguishing proof and traceability. At the point when 20w fiber laser metal marking machine is utilized as metal checking the machine, it is utilized to check standardized identifications, serial numbers, QR codes, individual subtle elements, designs and so on materials like auto segments, steel marks, and so forth.

Fiber Laser Metal Marking/Engraving Machine required slightest upkeep cost - not very many new parts, No optics arrangement, incredible warmth scattering.

Fiber Laser Metal Engraving/Marking is extremely minimal, plug-n-play sort of framework and Very Minimum working expense.

Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machines keeps running on the single-stage electrical association, so less power utilization. 

Materials: - Acrylic, Wood, Brass, Paper, Rubber, Foam, Marble, Plastics, Leather, Copper, Stainless Steel etc.

Standard Feature

  1. Optical fiber laser marking-   Fiber optic cable has been used as a source to deliver the Laser beam to do the marking.
  2. Optical Isolator-   An optical isolator is installed on the Fiber Laser Metal Marking Machine head to prevent the back reflection of laser light on the Laser’s most sensitive optical component.
  3. Precise scanning system-   There is a High-speed scanning system has been used in the machine to get the fast & precise results in marking.
  4. High service life, warranty applicable. 
  5. Over 100,000 hours of the reliable, maintenance-free laser engine
  6. The laser head is sealed, To prevent the optical chamber from Contamination.
  7. Built-in air cooling system.
  8. Advance Laser marking software, Along with a user-friendly interface & the controls allow the connection to multiple laser systems with one computer.
  9. Operator Control Panel-   The front panel control module includes the system key switch, laser off push button, manual safety shutter control, function indicators.
  10. Motorized or Manual Z-Adjustment
  11. Focus Diode Kit Assembly (Optional)
  12. Multiple F-Theta Lens Options
  13. Easily Integrated Footprint

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