Laser Welding Machine For Mould

Product Details

Prodect Details

Laser Welding Machine For Mould GS-200M

Specific Parameters

Model: GS-180M/GS-200M
Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply ability: As Per Requirement
Payment: Net Banking / Cheque 
Certificates: CE,SGS,ISO
Place: New Delhi / India
Packaging: Packed in carton


Chirag International is committed & dedicated to providing advanced technology for superior technical welding machines in affordable prices. With over decade experience, we understand your requirement.

The Open system mold repair machines can be used for welding mold tools and die of any size. Very important for the mold, tools and die making industries.

It's very rugged & portable, the welding machine can be easily transported to anywhere for site work to repair several various types of injection molds

Chirag International understand the requirement of the industries, As our open workspace laser welding machines are very versatile, easy to operate, simple to maintain & incredibly durable.

As we know that it is difficult to weld Brass metal due to the high zinc content. Because zinc has a low boiling temperature. But with the help of mold welding machine, we will able to use silver fill wire and copper fill wire to fill in the gap.