Open Type Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Product Details

Prodect Details

Open Type Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine GS-3015E

Specific Parameters

Model: GS-3015E
Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply ability: As Per Requirement
Payment: Net Banking / Cheque
Certificates: CE,SGS
Place: New Delhi
Packaging: packed in protective film


Open Type + Automatic Exchangeable Worktable

Product Features

● Integrated structure design, nice-looking and fashionable appearance 

● Servo motor and driver imported from Japan, imported precise high rigidity reduction gearbox

● Specially combined motor lubrication system and smoke filter

● Synchro high speed exchangeable worktable, save time of loading and unloading.

Applicable industry

Application in sheet metal processing, cookware, advertising, LED lighting, electrical appliances, auto parts, machinery, household appliances and other high precision parts and metal processing industries.