• CO2 Metal Engraving Machine

CO2 Metal Engraving Machine

Techincal Specification

Brand   Ci Laser
Model Type   CI - 20W
Laser Wavelength  1064 mm
Laser Source  RAYCUS / MAX / JPT 
Voltage:  220V
Q-Switch Frequency  20kHz - 100kHz
Laser Power   20W/30W/50W/100W
Marking Area  750x750mm
Brand:  Ci Laser
Capacity   7000mm/s
Cooling   Water Cooling
Dimention   800 x 650 x 1520mm
Power Of Machine  ± 500W
Accuracy  0.01 mm
Weight  80 Kg
Warranty                       2-Year

Product Description:

The Ci CO2 Metal Engraving Machine is a revolutionary tool that empowers you to transform ordinary metal surfaces into stunning works of art or practical masterpieces. This versatile machine utilizes a focused beam of CO2 laser to permanently etch, mark, or cut a wide range of metals, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Anodized aluminum

Beyond the exquisite aesthetics, the CO2 Metal Engraving Machine offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Durability: Laser engravings are permanent and resistant to scratches, corrosion, and fading, making them ideal for applications requiring longevity.
  • Precision: The laser beam delivers pinpoint accuracy, ensuring intricate details and crisp lines are flawlessly reproduced.
  • Versatility: From logos and text to intricate patterns and photographs, the machine's capabilities cater to diverse creative needs and industrial applications.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Compared to traditional engraving methods, the CO2 laser machine operates at high speeds, minimizing production time and maximizing efficiency.
  • Minimal Consumables: Unlike traditional methods that require replacement tools or dyes, the laser requires minimal consumables, reducing operating costs.


The CO2 Metal Engraving Machine is surprisingly user-friendly. Here's a glimpse into the process:

  1. Design Creation: Design your engraving using graphic design software or import existing artwork.
  2. Software Integration: Transfer your design to the machine's control software.
  3. Material Preparation: Clean and prepare the metal surface for optimal engraving.
  4. Machine Setup: Secure the metal piece in the engraving bed and adjust laser parameters based on the material and desired outcome.
  5. Engraving Process: Initiate the engraving process and watch your design come to life with stunning precision.


The Ci CO2 Metal Engraving Machine unlocks a treasure trove of possibilities for individuals and businesses alike:

  • Personalization: Create unique and personalized gifts, trophies, awards, and keepsakes.
  • Branding and Marketing: Enhance your brand identity with custom logos, product markings, and promotional items.
  • Industrial Applications: Produce high-precision parts, serial numbers, and identification tags for various industries.
  • Artistic Expression: Craft stunning decorative pieces, jewelry, and artwork that transcend the ordinary.

Investing in a CO2 Metal Engraving Machine is an investment in creativity, precision, and endless possibilities. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a budding entrepreneur, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this machine has the power to elevate your creations and leave a lasting mark.