Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

Product Details

Prodect Details

Laser Engraving And Cutting Machine

Specific Parameters

Model: CMA-1080
Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supply ability: As Per Requirement
Payment:  Net Banking / Cheque
Port: New Delhi
Certificates: CE,SGS,ISO
Place: New Delhi
Packaging: Packed in carton


Product Features
Laser engraving machine - Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine series has various type of machines as per the requirement of the industries. Co2 laser cutter series machine is high-quality and best technology also most demanded, affordable, and easy-to-use. Its Double head laser cutter has the finest advanced features of a new era for bulk cutting or engraving purposes.CO2 single head laser engraving and cutting machine series adopts international advanced DSP control technology, They have the high speed, high cutting accuracy, and high stability.The quality and price ratio is very high. The main system can be commanded by USB flash disk without PC connection. It has the functions of imitative cutting, color separating cutting, non-stop cutting once power off, etc.

Optical Design
Adopted the imported lens and mirrors on optical system to ensure a long lifetime of laser tube efficiency.