Suspend-Arm Type Mould Laser Welding Machine

Product Details

Prodect Details

Suspend-Arm Type Mould Laser Welding Machine GS-200M-DB

Specific Parameters

Model: GS-200M-DB
Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Supplyability: As Per Requirement
Payment: Cheque / Net Banking
Certificates: CE,SGS,ISO
Place: New Delhi / India
Packaging: Packed by plywood


Product Introduction

● Laser head rotates 360 degrees, suitable for all kinds of mold at any angle and any position repair welding.

● For large moulds, weld moulds are directly on the ground or on a folk/truck.

● Adopt ceramic light-gathering cavity from UK, high reflectivity and long lifetime.

● Equipped with a sophisticated electric lift table, for welding small moulds, it’s also very flexible and easy.


Product Features

● Fast speed, weld smooth and beautiful,  It is no need  treatment or only simple treatment after welding. High precision welding, no pores, precisely control positioning accuracy. It is easy to achieve automatic welding.

● Small weld width,  small heat-affected,  small deformation.

● Specially for repair welding large-scale moulds. Suspend-arm with electric lift up and down, 360 degree rotation, easily welds 3 meters long and number of tons of large-scale mould. The machine will be installed with pulley,it is easy to move and no need to unload the mould.

● Equipped with a manual table, also suitable for small and medium sized moulds repairing.

Applicable Industry Materials

Suitable for large, medium and small moulds repair welding.  For example, chassis, cars, tires, boats, large appliances plastic shell, auto parts, bearings, construction machinery and other moulds industries. Widely used in all kinds of mould steel, stainless steel, cymbals steel, precious metals and welding of extremely hard materials. precision injection molding, casting, Paraffin wax casting and other products.