Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding Machine

Product Details

Prodect Details

Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding Machine GS-300ST

Specific Parameters

Model: GS-300ST
Order Quantity: 1Piece
Supply ability: As Per Requirement
Payment: L/C,T/T
Certificates: CE,SGS,ISO
Place: New Delhi
Packaging: packed in carton


Chirag International as trusted & responsible dealer, supplier, catering the requirement of Indian market from last decade. Offering the new technology, an advanced version of Double Heads Exchangeable Laser Welding machine.
(Mainly used in advertising, LED & LCD industry)

Highlight Point: 

Represented considerable authority in Advertising, lighting industry, more individual and coordinated 

Fiber optic transmission laser welding machine is high-vitality laser shaft is coupled into the fiber after the long separation transmission, collimated by a collimator focal point into parallel light, refocusing the usage of a laser welding hardware welding on the workpiece 

The machine itself utilizing German innovation the general stylish appearance, bearing the working stage with elite, simple to deal with operation the higher cost 

Utilizing vitality effective condenser chamber plated life 9 - 10 years, stable for execution, control, xenon light recurrence more than 8 million times 

Parameter brilliant control, diverse material to pick distinctive waveforms, basic and speedy 

24 hours work consistently 

Relevant Industry: 

Appropriate for LCD & LED Advertising, cell phone batteries, sensors, medicinal hardware, endowments, watches and tickers, electronic parts, sensors, accuracy apparatus, interchanges, promoting, shape and different businesses: broadly utilized as a part of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, titanium, compounds, steel, jewels a similar material welding or welding unique materials 

Pertinent Materials: 

Refined plan, LCD show, brought together key make the operation less demanding 

At the same time welding, two joints close, enormously enhance the welding effectiveness and to guarantee the precision of welding 

Spot welding, straight welding, programmed welding circumferential welding,etc., for an extensive variety of high exactness and speed 

Astounding welds, sooth and lovely, nonporous, high sturdiness subsequent to welding 

Warmth influenced zone is little, little distortion, welding speed