• Portable Etching Marking Machine

Portable Etching Marking Machine

Portable Marking Machine

Brand   Ci Laser
Model Type   CI - 20W
Power Source   Electricity
Laser Source  RAYCUS / MAX / JPT / IPG
Voltage:  220V
Automation Grade  Automatic
Laser Power   20W / 30W / 50W / 100W
Phase Type Single Phase
Minimum Width  0.01mm
Capacity   4000mm/s
Cooling   Air Cooling
Usage / Application  Laser Etching Machine
Power Of Machine  ± 500W
Repeat Accuracy  0.01 mm
 Is It Portable  Portable
Minimum Charector        0.1mm

Product Description

The portable laser marking machine is a versatile tool that can permanently mark a wide variety of materials with high precision and detail. It is ideal for applications such as:

  • Product identification: Marking serial numbers, logos, and barcodes on jewelry, tools, electronics, and other products
  • Personalization: Engraving names, dates, and messages on gifts, awards, and promotional items
  • Decoration: Creating intricate patterns and designs on wood, leather, and other materials
  • Quality control: Marking parts with inspection codes and timestamps
  • Security: Marking valuables with anti-counterfeiting codes

Here are some of the key benefits of using a portable laser marking machine:

  • High precision and detail: Creates clean, crisp marks with resolutions up to 10,000dpi.
  • Permanent marking: Marks last for the life of the material, unlike ink or paint.
  • Versatile: Can mark a wide variety of materials.
  • Fast and efficient: Marking speeds of up to 4000mm/s.
  • Portable and easy to use: No need for a dedicated workspace or complex setup.
  • Safe and reliable: Air-cooled design with automatic shut-off and emergency stop button.

If you are looking for a versatile and powerful tool for marking a wide range of materials, a portable laser marking machine is a great option.

I hope this detailed technical specification and product description gives you a good overview of portable laser marking machines. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.